The opening ceremonies for the Ellsworth 250 Centennial will begin July 20th at 12:00 p.m. on the steps of City Hall. The playing of the national anthem by the Fletcher's Landing Philharmonic Orchestra will start the event.

Mayor Gary Fortier will introduce the guests for the event, Senator Susan Collins; past committee members of the Bi-Centennial 1963; 2013 Ellsworth 250 Sestercentennial committee; members of the Ellsworth City Council; Ruth Foster; Pastor Robert Maddocks; Senator Brian Langley and Representative Louie Luchini.

Pastor Robert Maddocks will offer the invocation for the event. The Fletcher's Landing Philharmonic Orchestra will play God Bless America and will be sung by Donald Saunders, John Van Pelt, Irving Hodgkin and Debra Hangge.

Ruth Foster will speak on Ellsworth history and her memories. The orchestra will again play and sing America the Beautiful. Sen. Brian Langley and Rep. Louie Luchini will offer proclamations from the State Legislature. City manager Michelle Beal will read a letter from Governor LaPage. We will have the dedication of the new monument donation by Dunn Monuments of Ellsworth with Darlene Springer and Mrs. Reta Dunn.

The ceremony will wrap up with a final song, a special one recently discovered, Ellsworth Fair Ellsworth.