ELLSWORTH — With an abundance of ideas and enthusiasm, two dozen citizens participated March 29 in a brainstorming session focused on how to properly observe the 250th anniversary of Ellsworth’s settlement.

The gathering at the Ellsworth Public Library was initiated by Ellsworth American General Manager Terry Carlisle, a city native who remembers well the hoopla 50 years ago on the occasion of Ellsworth’s bicentennial. That observance included a parade, costumes, a beard-growing contest and the burying of a time capsule.

The question before the group was: Does the 250th merit merriment?

The answer was “yes.” Unequivocally.

From the group — wide ranging in terms of profession, interests and age — a core group of 10 business and community leaders, historians and event planners formed to map out the what and when. Stepping forward were Crystal Richards, Dom Efter, Mark Remick, Fred Ehrlenbach, Joshua Torrance, Thelma Beal, Terry Carlisle, Natalie Knox, Marc Blanchette and Terry Cormier. They will next meet April 12 at 4 at Camden National on Main Street.

Among the ideas floated at last Thursday’s initial discussion were: creating a nonprofit corporation to receive and disburse funds (as was done 50 years ago), a town picnic, a field day, costumes, participation of the business community, 1763-era meals, erecting historical markers and involvement of the Ellsworth High School Alumni Association.

The group is, so far, without a leader.

In the course of the discussion last week, those who have made a study of local history said the “settlement” of Ellsworth — generally agreed to be in July of 1763 — is less a precise date than an approximation of when the Union River area was settled. Ellsworth was incorporated in 1800.